After a year.

Time flies and it’s now offi­cially been a year and 3 months here at ILM Sin­ga­pore, we grow bolder, stronger and more com­fort­able lead­ing our lit­tle lives.


Here I’ve learned these few things about get­ting around Sin­ga­pore, or at least here are some I pre­fer over others…


  1. Train rides are nice, but bicy­cle rides is so much more fun than the MRT.
  2. Sun­sets and the rolling clouds in the evenings are worth all the rea­son to cycle back than tak­ing the bus.
  3. When there is a choice, I rather walk than take the bus.
  4. Not all stops On the MRT are the same dis­tances, even across lines.
  5. Peo­ple here walk funny, chances of you knock­ing into them even if you are walk­ing on the right path is high.
  6. Taxis are ridicu­lously expen­sive for short dis­tances with lots of traf­fic lights.
  7. Jog­ging after the rain is a bliss, when the air is clear and breezy.
  8. Walk­ing from orchard to som­er­set is bet­ter than the MRT if you have the time

And this…

You only get to see when you observe the skies:)


… And I’ll wish for more blues skies and fluffier clouds to arrive

2012 and looking ahead

Look­ing back, we often find our­selves just liv­ing another day each day, and the new year sounds so refresh­ing and encour­ag­ing to set new goals in life, just to leave all those sad­ness behind. As hard as it is to move on, we need to wake up and real­ize not every­thing is always the way we want them to appear.
Every­day we meet new faces, and some­times we tend to bump into few spe­cial ones. Yet those mem­o­ries will always linger. So we’ll try again and let the new year be our moti­vat­ing fac­tor for this.
So here goes… 2012, here I come!